Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Waxing

What is Brazilian Wax? What is included?

Brazilian waxing is sometimes also known as “ladies Brazilian Wax” or “Female Bikini Brazilian Wax”

​The Female Brazilian wax involves removing hairs by waxing from the lady’s pubic area. It removes the hairs around the edges, as well as inner labia, anus, fully bare as full Brazilian Wax. Some lady customers might request leaving some hairs as landing strip Brazilian Wax (square, triangle, rectangle). Butt cheeks hairs can be removed per request with extra cost.

Am I naked around the pubic area during the waxing procedure? Yes. That way, will have possible excused to missing hairs.

Monika has been a experienced professional Brazilian waxer since 2005. The whole Brazilian waxing session is average around 20-30 min. She applies mixed wax of hard wax for major hairs and strip wax to clean up any stubborn hairs and missing hairs or baby hairs. However, customers are requested to let hairs grow at least quarter to half in hairs long. The longer is the better. If you have long hairs, just leave the hairs alone. If needed, she will trim hairs without extra.

After waxing treatment done, Monika will educate her customers how to take care waxed skin before and after. After 24-48 hours of wax appointment,

Feel free to shoot us an email if any questions. We also have FAQ you might be interested.

Tips to Care For Your Skin After Waxing