Why Bikini Waxing not make him happy?

Over the past year, I have a couple of customers who brought me an idea.

Nowadays, a lot women still have bikini waxing done. However, some ladies asked me what is the difference between bikini and brazilian waxing? Simply, bikini waxing is partial of hairs around the gential area will be gone. Brazilian waxing can be all single hairs gone, or all gone except the landing strip. However, male customers gave me some comment like this, “pls at least take out the hairs at the bottom of labia, it is really bothered me when we have fun, feel something like porcupine hairs pinching my penis. However, they never told their girlfriends or wives about that.

Here is the little survey for which is more important for a lady to have bikini waxing or brazilian waxing, 95% of men will say brazilian waxing with labia hairs all gone”