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In today’s World, both males and females are concerned with the aspect of body hair removal. No matter it’s for their heads or more private areas of their bodies.

And people have learned, (usually, unfortunately, the hard way), that not every form of hair removal is suited for every part of the body. So the main focus becomes what product or process will take care of one’s individual hair removal needs.

In an effort to help you avoid unpleasant experiences, this website presents a variety of articles written by both males and females who share their personal waxing experiences and results of their own research.

And one of the things recent research reveals is that it’s not just adult males and females who are removing hair from their bodies.

  - A Teenagers First Time

Julinna is off to Elizabeth’s house for a teenage sleep over. Julinna desperately needs to talk to her best friend about body hair removal … Urgently. She is not comfortable discussing this with her mom.

Julinna and Elizabeth – both 12 years old – have been best friends since kindergarten.

Julinna says, “Elizabeth I don’t know what to do. I totally can’t talk to my mom because I’m soon embarrassed to talk about this shaving stuff with her. I can’t even talk to her about my period. But I can’t take it anymore … My legs are getting some hair and I was also thinking about shaving my bikini area – ALL OF IT – if you know what I mean.”

Elizabeth looked at her friend and said, “Yeah I do.”

Elizabeth pulls up her pants and shows her friend her leg. “Mom got me started on waxing last month. And I also wax off all my hairs … down there too. I go to this salon. It’s really nice. Really it is expensive too.”

“And this lady waxer lays me down on a bed and she puts some warm wax on my legs. Then she smooths out the wax a little over the skin. Then she puts a cotton strip over the wax and pulls. Hard.”

“Oh my God it hurts something awful!”, said Elizabeth.

“I heard Kristen at school also gets her hair waxed”, said Julinna. “Kristen said waxing can be a little expensive though. My mom doesn’t have that kind of cash to keep doing it over and over. Dad lost his job 6 months ago so …”

“I want to start shaving my legs so badly”, said Julinna. “I want to get rid of the hairs right now. That’s why I came over. Can I shave my legs at your house Elizabeth? Oh please, please? I start my part time job next week and I’ll pay you back for the razors – I promise.”

“Ok”, said Elizabeth. “My mom says waxing is good because you get smooth hairless legs for around 3-6 weeks. Too bad you can’t try it. Oh well maybe one day.”

“Hold on – I’m just gonna read about shaving on the internet and see what the best way is so you can get beautiful looking legs.”

“The website says you need to always use a fresh, clean blade to start. Never use a dull, used one and to change the blade often.”

“But first it says that it’s very important to soak your legs in warm water for at least 5 minutes and then to lather up your legs with a good moisturizing gel or even hair conditioner also for 5 minutes. The water opens your pores and the conditioner gets your hair all nice and soft.”

“Cool”, said Julinna. “I think I feel more comfortable with shaving. It’s quick, easy and pretty cheap for me”, says Julinna, laughing.

“Hold on … This site also gives tips on preventing bumps and rashes after you shave. You want to shave your bikini area too right?” asked Elizabeth.

“Yeah”, blushed Julinna.

Julinna said shyly, “I want to shave all my … you know … hairs down there off. I’m going to visit my grandma’s house this summer and she has a big pool in the back yard and … Well, I don’t want any hairs showing through my bathing suit.”

“Yeah this site says shaving is one of the easiest hair removal methods out there … Especially for teenagers.”

“It says that for the best shave possible and to prevent rashes and irritation you need to shave WITH the grain of the hair. Don’t go against the direction the hair grows and you won’t get so many red bumps and all that stuff. And don’t shave the same place over and over again. It will irritate your skin. Those red bumps can look embarrassing!”

“Is that all there is? … Sounds easy enough”, said Julinna.

“No wait – It also says that to prevent itches from when you shave your bikini area, it would be a good idea to get some anti-itching cream for down there. And use moisturizing lotion afterwards to keep the skin soft so it won’t irritate as much.”

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